Our story

Atelier M Living is an interior decoration company which draws its style from unique design with Mediterranean elements, representing the colours and feelings from the Moroccan souks to the vibrant beach houses in Ibiza.

We try to bring beautiful, unique and carefully sourced treasures into your home in which you can create lifelong memories with your loved ones.

All of our products are inspired by our travels around the world, bringing together Mediterranean style interior design and organic materials. Our products are the result of craftsmanship from a broad range of brands/designers we work with. Creativity, sustainability and quality are core values we have in common with everyone we collaborate with.

We offer our products through our webshop as well as during regularly organised shopping days/weekends whenever we have a new range of treasures available. These shopping days/weekends allow us to take you with us on a real-life journey through our love for unique, warm, interior decoration, inspired by years of travels and love for organic materials, all in an inviting and relaxing setting to hopefully inspire you to bring an extra touch of wonder to your own home.

Besides offering a broad range of products, we are also passionate about helping you redesigning the interior of your home on a broader project basis with a clear focus on delivering a unique client experience, taking into account your own unique wishes, personality and budget.

The founders of Atelier M Living, Michelle and Dennis, have besides a mutual love for each other, also a mutual love for architectural spaces, interior decoration, travel, and organic materials. Together, Michelle and Dennis travel the world in search of unique products they truly love. While in the beginning, they sourced these products for their own home. Ultimately, for the both of them, this grew into a desire to source these treasures for the wider public, which led to the start of Atelier M Living in 2021.