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Earthern cooking tray

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This beautiful cooking tray is handmade in Egypt from alkaline earthen natural materials. It is produced by using the same techniques as in the ancient Egyptian Nagada age (4000 before Christ!). The tray is coated with natural sugar can syrup in traditional ovens which gives each tray its own identify. This tray is made to bring a tastier and healthier experience to your meal! The round handles of the tray also make it very easy in use. Only one thing left to do: serve up your sizzling dishes!

Use & Care:

  • Not induction-compatible (can be with a simple convertor – not included)
  • Increase heat gradually
  • Use heat diffuser when on gas top
  • Avoid sudden change of temperature
  • Handwash is recommended
  • Leave to dry before storing


Medium: W: 25 cm x H: 10 cm

Large: W: 30 cm x H: 10 cm

Sizes/colors can vary as this is a hand-made product from natural materials.

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